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Problem question structured notes, updated annually.

The vast majority of exam questions in the GDL are problem questions. These require you to answer using a specific structure to get top marks. Learning how to master the art of answering these problem questions is often the most challenging hurdle GDL students face. We've arranged all the law you need to know for a Distinction level result, as well as handy hints and tips, in our straightforward step-by-step structures.

Quality and accuracy

Our notes are concise and straightforward, so you won’t waste your time trawling through pages upon pages of information. We’ve painstakingly combed through the study manuals, our own notes and collated topic notes from each class and lecture – YourGDL is fully accurate and comprehensive.

Up-to-date and comprehensive

The GDL course changes every year to reflect changes in the law. Our notes are fully updated for the brand new 2018/19 syllabus to reflect new legislation and case law.

YourGDL covers all 7 subjects taught at BPP and all 55 topics.

YourGDL Revision Notes YourGDL Revision Notes

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